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  • Caribou

    Betrayed first by society, then by his love, then by his closest friend, Caribou has little trust for others. He only cares for his own son. He is a drunkard, and hates society in general. His family suffers from a rare genetic disease which skips …

  • Marxon

    Marxon was [[:caribou | Caribou's]] father and an extremely skilled tactician in [[:king-taramine | King Taramine's]] army. He was a slave to the chain of command. Eventually, he fell victim to the genetic illness which has plagued his family for …

  • Kyleen

    Kyleen was [[:caribou | Caribou's]] mother. She was an extremely loving and kind mother. She was married to [[:marxon | Marxon]]. When Marxon died, Kyleen became quiet and withdrawn. After a few years, she started to give up on life and died slowly.

  • King Taramine

    King Taramine is an excessively rich and isolated king. He cares little for others, and rules with an iron fist. Only the Bastion Guard is loyal to him. [[:marxon | Marxon]] was a general in Taramine's armies. When Marxon fell ill, King Taramine built a …

  • Maria

    Maria and [[:caribou | Caribou]] fell madly in love when they were children. [[:maria | Maria]] helped Caribou deal with his mother's death. Together, they had a son named [[:illiden | Illiden]]. Her brother, [[:bolan | Bolan]], is Caribou's best friend. …

  • Bolan

    Bolan and [[:caribou | Caribou]] stole together in their youth. He also helped Caribou escape Bastion when he was betrayed by [[:maria | Maria]]. Bolan was Caribou's first mate on the Yosemite, but mutinied and betrayed him.

  • Illiden

    Illiden is [[:caribou | Caribou's]] son. He suffers from a rare genetic disease that killed his [[:kyleen | mother]]. He was abandoned by both Caribou and [[:maria | Maria]] after her betrayal. He was raised by [[:hathley-ikopi | Hathley]] from ages 3-8 …

  • Hathley (Ikopi)

    Hathley, known as Ikopi in the world of thieves and criminals, is a fence. He took in [[:caribou-1 | Caribou]] and [[:bolan | Bolan]] when they were young, and taught them how to avoid being caught by authorities. He also acted as their fence for years. …

  • Freda

    Freda is a loyal gardener for many of the rich nobles of Hyrial in Bastion. He helped [[:hathley-ikopi | Ikopi]] and the [[:lord-de-la-maison-des-fleurs | Lord de la Maison des Fleurs]] briefly capture [[:caribou-1 | Caribou]].

  • Garrus

    Garrus worked with [[:caribou | Caribou]] for many years as his "locksmith". In other terms, he would teach him how open very complicated locks without a key. He also gave Caribou the Magelock just before he was captured.

  • Lord de la Maison des Fleurs

    The lord of the house of flowers is well-renowned in Bastion, yet few know very much about him, even his true name. Many rumor him to be richer than [[:king-taramine | King Taramine]] himself. It was his art collection that [[:caribou | Caribou]] was …

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