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  • Rogan

    Rogan is a member of the Bringuard Clan. He is born of a dragon named Amora. In his clan, he had risen to the warrior rank. As one of the two strongest warriors in the clan, he trained the newest warriors in the clan.

  • Clayne

    [[:clayne | Clayne]] was killed by [[:rogan | Rogan]] in a trial by combat. Prior to the trial, Clayne and Rogan were partners in training young warriors in the clan. They were both training [[:merritt | Merritt]] at the time that he was killed.

  • Weroc

    Weroc is [[:merritt | Merritt's]] brother. Both he and Merritt were trained by [[:clayne | Clayne]] and [[:rogan | Rogan]]. He blames Clayne and Rogan for Merritt's death.

  • Merritt

    Merritt and his brother, [[:weroc | Weroc]], were being trained to be hunters. Merritt was killed by a bugbear while being trained to be a hunter by [[:rogan | Rogan]] and [[:clayne | Clayne]]. He was killed by having his head smashed completely.

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